MIM Human Capital Management (HCM) Workshop

Workplace health promotion: promoting employee well-being, introducing wellnessstrategies to improve health, performance and the bottom line.


The concept of the health promoting workplace is becoming increasingly relevant as

more private and public organisations recognize that future success in a globalising marketplace can only be achieved with a healthy, qualified and motivated workforce. A health promoting workplace can ensure a flexible and dynamic balance between customer expectations and organisational targets on the one hand and employee’s skills and health needs on the other, which can assist companies and work organisations

to compete in the marketplace.

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Kuala Lumpur


  • Anthony Phillips
    • Managing Director and Founder of WellKomInternational

      Jan Senkyr

      Jan Senkyr bild

      Director Indonesia & Timor-Leste / Acting head of the KAS office in Malaysia +62 21 7590-9411 / -9414