MSRC-KAF Intercultural Discourse Series

Education and Religion: Combatting Parochialism



The main objective of this discourse is to examine the teaching of religion in the education system. Some of the questions to be addressed are: What should be the level of religious teaching in the school? To begin with, should religion continue to be taught in separate classes in school for invariably this would lead to division within the school system? For instance the division of religion and moral subjects tends to segregate the Muslims from the non-Muslims. After all, moral values know no religious boundaries. Secondly, is religious teaching in separate religious schools, as it is sometimes portrayed, consonant with the aspiration of the country to be a developed nation? Have extremist elements penetrated the religious school system? What would be the future of students from such a school system? We should also address that question of whether teachers in these schools are equipped with the necessary knowledge for the students to get a good general education.

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Hotel Nikko, Junior Ballroom 2, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur


  • Datuk Seri Dr. Ting Chew PehProfessor Kanthasamy NallusamyProf Dato' Dr. Mohammad Noor bin Hj Salleh

    Dr. Peter Schier