Saying No to Racial Politics

Malaysia on the Path to Non-discrimination

This conference is organised in collaboration with Pusat KOMAS, Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA)of the National University of Malaysia, and the National Integration Research and Training Institute (IKLIN).


The conference aims to study some of the best practice models in the region and other countries to address the issues of race-based politics and create effective methods to overcome race-based politics in their nations. It also aims to act as a platform for people to voice the realities of the current political scene in Malaysia and hope to act as a bridge and an avenue for political leaders and government agencies to listen and work towards ensuring a peaceful and harmonious Malaysia.


  • ASEAN neighbours' fight against racism

  • Malaysia and race-based politics

  • Citizen initiatives and responses

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Kuala Lumpur


  • KH. Maman Imanul Haq
    • Member of Parliament
      • National Awakening Party Faction
        • Indonesian Parliament
          • Republic of Indonesia

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