Seminar on youth unemployment

Entrepreneurship as a valuable alternative source of job creation and economic dynamism for youth in Sabah

In cooperation with Institute for Development Studies (Sabah), this is a one-day seminar to address how stakeholders in Sabah could help drive job growth and provide an environment where the youth could make an impact and start their own enterprises.



  • Trends for youth employment and future prospects of job creation

  • Youth inclusiveness in agriculture in a technology-rich environment

  • Creating new forms of youth employment and entrepreneurship as an alternative solution to youth unemployment – the Philippines’ experience
  • Pro-employment policies and creating a culture of high impact entrepreneurship to boost youth employment
  • Youth employment and development of entrepreneurship enablers for decent employment for young people - Malaysia’s experience
  • Entrepreneurship as a solution of unemployment: Creating and strengthening existing networks of young entrepreneurs and young trade unionists around the world - Singapore's experience

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Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Wolfgang Hruschka †