"Waste Water Treatment Systems"


The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung together with the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies from Brussels and the environmental NGO Go Green Skopje are organizing a round table discussion on the publication “Waste Water Treatment Systems”.


Waste water management is of crucial importance for the basic environmental infrastructure on national and local level. The country has been facing many challenges on the issue and improving this subject from awareness and educational point of view is a necessity. The publication on “Waste Water Treatment Systems” which in in a phase of final preparation is going to be proposed to become an official academic study book for the curriculum at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Skopje. The aim of the round table is to create an open space for each relevant stakeholder to share their opinion and views on the topic. This event is part of a consultative and participatory process with the authors and relevant experts in the field before completing the final study book.

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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Skopje


Johannes D. Rey

Johannes D. Rey kas

Head of the KAS office in Mazedonia

Johannes.Rey@kas.de +389 2 3217 075

Daniela Popovska

Project Coordinator

Daniela.Popovska@kas.de +389 2 3217 075