Adventure Sphere Europe

Knowing more about EU means knowing more about ourselves

Workshop in cooperation with the European Movement of the Republic of Macedonia


12.00 hSpeeches:

Koce Trajanov, Mayor of Skopje

Prof. Dr Mileva Gjurovska, President of the European Movement in the Republic of Macedonia

Robert Liddell, First counselor of the Delegation of EU in Republic of Macedonia

Anja Czymmeck, official representative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Republic of Macedonia

13.00 hDiscussion

“Knowing more about the European Union means

knowing more about ourselves”


Students from the Gymnasium Gjeorgi Dimitrov from Skopje

Students from the Gymnasium Josip Broz Tito form Bitola,

Students from the Gymnasium Goce Delchev from Kumanovo

Students from the Gymnasium Sami Frasheri from Kumanovo

14.30 hClosing remarks and discusion of organizers and participants on their expectations of European Policies

15.00 hLunch

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Skopje, Macedonian Cultural Centre, Cinema Frosina