Promoting inter-religious dialogue in Macedonia through capacity building for media and religious representatives

Joint workshop for cooperation between media and religious representatives

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation is organizing a joint workshop for cooperation between media and religious representatives to strengthen the inter-religious dialogue through capacity building.


The last joint workshop from the Activity 3 of the inter-religious dialogue is going to be organized in Mavrovo, on 29 and 30 of September 2011. This workshop is going to be attended by the journalists and religious representatives who have participated in the earlier Activities of this project. The workshop is going to be leaded by the Serbian expert Mr. Milan Sitarski and Ms. Marina Tuneva from the Macedonian Institute for Media. Simulation of different crisis situation and reporting on various sensitive topics will be practiced during the workshop, so the participants will improve their knowledge and skills regarding the religious issues and the public communication. General and the most worthy result from this workshop will be the confidence based on personal friendship that will be established among the religious spokespersons and the journalists. More information regarding all activities from the Inter- religious project you can find at

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Mavrovo, Republic of Macedonia


  • Mr. Milan Sitarski
    • Coordinator of the Center for Religiuos Researches (CIRel) and Ms. Jasmina Mironski
      • Macedonian Media Institute