Strengthening the Work of Parliamentary Groups

Implementing the Rules of procedure into practise

Workshop for the professionliazing of parliamentary groups in cooperation with the Pavel Shatev Institute and Eduardo-Frei-Foundation.


Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), together with its Dutch partner organization, Eduardo-Frei-Foundation (EFF) and Pavel Shatev Institute is promoting and fostering the modern organization and decision-making processes within parliamentary groups of national parliaments, as a positive example of transparent and responsible acting towards the citizens` needs as voting bodies. By provid-ing support and strengthening the party structures via professionalizing the work of the parliamentary group, KAS and its partners are building strong networks with sister-parties and are proving support towards the EU aspirations of the Republic of Macedonia.

Aims of the training

The coordinator, the deputy-coordinators-members of committees and their staff in the National Assembly of Macedonia will learn more for the best practices and models concerning the joint work activities, communica-tion and cooperation in the decision-making processes.

Specific aims:

The parliamentarians and their assistants will improve their skills about the practical implementation of modern rules of procedure as a main guideline of acting, by pre-senting the best models and share of experience from other European countries.

Participants will use the acquired skills and knowledge to establish Rules of Procedures for their parliamentary group.

Target groups:

Parliamentarians of the conservative parliamentary group

in the National Assembly of Macedonia and their assistants and local staff.

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