Expert conference

Minorities in Democracy

III. Konferenz

In der Republik Mazedonien kam es im Jahr 2001 zu einen Bürgerkrieg zwischen Mazedoniern und Albanern, der zwar schnell wieder beendet werden konnte, aber der Konflikt selbst ist lange nicht gelöst.



09.30 a.m.Welcoming address

Ulrich Kleppmann (Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Skopje)

Eben Friedman (European Centre for Minority Issues)

09.40 a.m.Key note address:

Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015

Mabera Kamberi, Ministry of labor and social policy

09.50 a.m.Panel I - “Where minority is majority”

Implications of the process of decentralisation and the Law on local self-government on the new municipalities in the Republic Macedonia

•Imer Selmani, Mayor of the Municipality Saraj

•Nuzi Shahin, Mayor of the Municipality Zhupa

•Erduan Iseini, Mayor of the Municipality Shuto Orizari

•Gordana Siljanoska, Professor at the Faculty of Law

Chair: Pande Lazarevski, Institute for Sociological Political and Jurisdical Research

FollowsOpen discussion

11.20 p.m.Coffee Break

11.50 p.m.Panel II - “What is identity? How is national identity different from an ethnic identity?”

Ethnicity, Symbols, Language

•Iso Rusi, Journalist at FAKTI

•Gjorge Ivanov, Institute for democracy, solidarity and civil society

•Rufi Osmani, Former Mayor of Gostivar

•Saso Ordanovski, Centre for strategic researches FORUM

Chair: Mirjana Najcevska, Helsinki committee of Human Rights (to be invited)

FollowsOpen discussion

13.20 p.m.Lunch Break

14.30 p.m.Panel III - “Media and Minorities”

Information or disinformation; Integration or segregation; Speaking to each other or speaking past each other;

•Gjuner Ismail, Weekly magazine FORUM

•Zoran Dimov, BDR Roma TV

•Jason Miko, Freelance journalist

•Agim Jonuz, Journalist

Optional: N.N. Macedonian Institute for Media

Chair: Borjan Jovanovski, Journalist

FollowsOpen discussion

16.00 p.m.Final conclusions

Eben Friedman ECMI

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Skopje, Club der Parlamentarier


  • Eben Friedman
    • ECMI
  • Pande Lazarevski
    • ISPJR
  • Mirjana Najcevska
    • Helsinki Committee u. a.

Ulrich Kleppmann

Ulrich Kleppmann bild

Director of the Skopje Office, Macedonia