Study and Information Program

Political journey to the Netherlands

The KAS and the Eduardo Frei Foundation organised a study trip to the Netherlands for young conservative politicians in order to exchange ideas and get positive experiences from their political counterparts.


In cooperation between the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Macedonia and the Eduardo Frei Foundation in the Netherlands, a group of 9 young conservative politicians participated in a study trip to the Hague, Leiden and Amsterdam in order to exchange ideas and get positive experience from their political counterparts.

In 2009 the political parties in the Netherlands are going to campaign for the European parliamentary elections, which gives an excellent opportunity for insight view on the role of the Youth Unions in campaigning and their influence on the political environment in the country.

Macedonian youth leaders had an opportunity to discuss the current political situation in the Netherlands and the EU with CDA youth representatives, as well as with members of the Dutch Parliament and representatives from the European Commission. Besides the meeting-discussions, the study program included a training part which was focused on political communications, team building and debating skills.

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Den Haag, Leiden, Amsterdam


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