Politics and Bargaining: How to deal with interests and compromises in politics

Fostering political culture in Macedonia

Workshop to promote more political culture among political opponents in Macedonia.


The intention of the simulation game “Politics and Bargaining – How to Deal with Interests and Compromises in Politics” is on the one hand to bring together young politicians from different political parties from Macedonia in order to get to know each other and on the other hand to promote strategies for dialogue and finding sustainable political compromises to resolve a political problem and to promote a joint effort in finding political compromise. The aim of the game is to convey the understanding that negotiation processes and agreements are not necessary evils in democracies. On the contrary, they are a chance for the legitimate realization of own interests.

The training simulation “Politics and Bargaining - How to deal with Interests and Compromises in Politics” is organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in partnership with the Friedrich–Ebert-Stiftung and with the CIVIC Institute for International Education from Düsseldorf,Germany.

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Hotel Montana Palace - Krushevo

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