Impact of Religious Values and Practices for Social Stability

Communication of Faith and Values

Workshop for promoting interreligious tolerance


Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is fostering the religious tolerance and knowledge of religious diversity as well as the development of multi-ethnic relations as a crucial priority for European integration.

On this purpose we are cooperating very closely with the five religious communities in Macedonia, based on the excellent practices and experiences from last year’s pro-ject “Tolerance, dialogue and cooperation” ( which was co-financed by the European Union.

This year we continue our joint activities with a workshop for young people bearing the title Impact of religious values and practices for social stability: Communi-cation of faith and common values. KAS and the five religious communities in Macedonia are promoting this event in coop-eration with the European Think Tank CES (Centre for European Studies) and the youth organization CREACTIVE.

The workshop intents to bring together representatives of the religious communities and young people from Macedonia and the Western Balkan region in order to improve mutual understanding and tolerance of religious diversities. Through open discussions and the exchange of views on the current aspects and challenges of the inter-religious dialogue in the country and the region, this event aims at enabling young people with a better knowl-edge of religious diversity and mutual cohabitation.

On the occasion of the workshop the religious communi-ties, KAS and their partner CES will announce the official start of a photo competition with the motto: Different Religions - same interest.

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Interreligious Dialogue