Shaping the Future of Europe

“Shaping the Future of Europe” deals with the formal process of the accession negotiations between the candidate countries, the current EU member states and the EU institutions.


The aim is to make clear both the institutional design of the EU with its specific decision making processes and the different interests and positions in the ambitious project of the EU enlargement.

Within the context of the simulation, complex and multi-layered planning, negotiation and decision-making processes will be imitated. The participants will adopt a fictive starting position for the duration of the role play and take on an active role as members of the European Parliament and of the European Commission, ministers of EU-member states, representatives of a candidate country or media representatives. By adopting the positions and views of specific interests, they will develop a better understanding of the processes and developments in the European Union. The EU will become more transparent, understandable and therefore more accessible for the participants.

In contrast to traditional role-playing games, the participants act primarily in groups. They have to learn to understand the socio-cultural background of the country they represent, make demands, represent parties, participate in discussions, build coalitions and much more. The role play develops its own dynamics through the fictive role profile, which does not necessarily reflect the political reality, but rather divides up important interests among the participating players.

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Shaping the Future of Europe