Spring Agora 2004

The Beginning of New Europe



With the official motto of this project “The Beginning of New Europe”, AEGEE likes to honor and mark the beginning of the increasing number of members in the European Union (1st of May 2004), and turning the new page in the European history. In this process we wanted to give the central place to our country, because according to us, the Republic of Macedonia would mark the beginning and the end of reuniting of the European family.

What is AGORA?

The Agora in our AEGEE-network presents a semi-annual assembly on which the decisions are brought for the future of the whole network. Two times a year all the delegates from the AEGEE-antennas are gathered in a single place where they bring the decisions. There is a Spring and an Autumn assembly. The Autumn Agora takes part in the middle or at the end of October, while the Spring Agora (which will be organized by the AEGEE-antenna in Skopje) takes part at the end of April or the beginning of May.


AEGEE-Skopje in its 10 years of work, organized large number of projects, that witness of the consistence and the reliability of the people who worked in the past years. The top point in organization of every antenna and also a privilege is the organization of the semi-annual assembly-Agora. Starting from our experience and guided by the passion to represent our country in its best light, we gladly accepted to organize the assembly.

Goals of the project:

- Promoting the R. Macedonia as an inevitable part of the European family

- Presentation of the culture and diversity that represents the picture of Europe in micro condition-R. Macedonia

- Promoting the “Olympic route” (Belgrade-Skopje-Athens) in the network of AEGEE-Europe

- Filling a 4 day time period by discussing and deciding for the future of the whole network


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Spring Agora 2004