Successful presentation skills and Public Speaking

Training Seminar for Femal MP's and Politicians

Over 30 MP's and political active women of the center right wing parties of Macedonia will be training to improve their presentation and public speaking skills. The newest trends and techniques will be showed to develope the current management skills


Hotel “Aleksandar Palace”

Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

26.04.2006 (Wednesday)

10.00-10.30Registration of participants

10.30-10.45Welcome speech

Ulrich Kleppmann, Official representative of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in the Republic of Macedonia

10.45-12.00Opening and Introduction

  • The importance of including women in the election process

  • The communication process, Ways of communication

  • Communication directions

  • Emotional Intelligence, IQ Vs. EQ.

MOTIVA, Management Education and Training Center

12.00-12.15 Coffee break


  • Management Communication Style Survey

  • Communication barriers

  • Feedback, Rules for improving feedback skills

  • Management Game - Feedback

  • Trust, Action that build trust with voters

  • Carnegie-advices

  • Rules for good human relationship

14.00-15.00Lunch break


  • Active Listening, Poor listening

  • Barriers to effective listening, Management Game- Active listening

  • How to become a more effective listener

  • Results of good listening

  • Locus of Control

16.00-16.15Coffee break


  • Non-verbal communication

  • Body language (kinetics)

  • Physical characteristics and appearance

  • Voice (paralanguage), Management Game – Presentation skills

27.04.2006 (Thursday)


  • The essential requirements for powerful and persuasive presentation

  • How to structure presentation content

  • Aims of presentation

  • Avoid confusing the audience- the importance of a key message

10.30-10.45 Coffee break


  • Delivering the presentation

  • Standing in front of an audience: the non-verbal signals including posture, eye contact, facial expressions, practice and demonstrate effective use of voice and body language

  • Developing your own style

  • Timing and pacing

  • How to control nerves: some techniques

  • Overcoming self-doubt: a positive attitude

12.30-13.30 Lunch break


  • Delivering an own presentation from the participants with feedback session

  • During the presentation the participants will be recorded with video camera

14.30-14.45 Coffee break

14.45-16.00Evaluation session

Each participant will receive personal feedback about his or her presentation.

The recorded presentations from the participants together with feedback from the trainers will be analyzed.

  • Personal action plan- Recognizing weaknesses

  • What makes a good presenter

End of the seminar, departure of the participants

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Holiday Inn Skopje


  • MOTIVA Training

    Ulrich Kleppmann

    Ulrich Kleppmann bild

    Director of the Skopje Office, Macedonia