Workshop with representatives from the Catholic church

Improving the religious communities' representatives' capacity and skills for public relations in the public media

The project “Improving the religious communities’ representatives’ capacity and skills for public relations in the public media” consists of three phases:


Analysis of the national daily press in relation to the representation of the religious communities’ activities, workshops for the religious communities’ representatives in order to provide expert training for improving their communication skills and handbook for public relations for the requirement of the religious communities in their communication with the wider public.

We are in the phase of realization of the workshops for representatives of the religious communities, where the participants will have the opportunity of getting to know in details the different tools for media presentation, how to create public opinion, application of lobbying skills as well as establishing communication on regular basis with the different media aiming for better representation of the religious communities in the public media.

Target group are representatives of five religious communities in Macedonia, the persons responsible for public relations and persons responsible for preparing and implementing planned strategies and media plans.

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Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

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