Event Reports

20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall: lessons for the Balkans

Macedonian and Greek students come together to discuss the "walls" remaining in our heads

50 students from two countries, 5 universities and 6 nationalities came together on 14 November in FON-University Skopje to discuss on how to overcome today's walls.

Dialogue, mutual respect and understanding, openness and transparency: these were the key words used by the participating students to present their proposals on how to overcome misunderstandings, stereotypes, bilateral problems - and geographic borders. Together, Macedonians and Greeks, ethnic Albanians and Serbs, Germans and Canadians discussed - often very intensely - what is to learn from the events 20 years ago, when courage and decisiveness brought down the Berlin Wall and ended the communist system. And they showed that, despite the differences in opinion today about the name issue, Kosovo or any other current challenges, the walls can be torn down, when talking and working together.