Event Reports

Implementation of the project “Strengthening the student council in SUGS Nikola Karev”

The Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, in partnership with Youth Can launched the first pilot project of its kind with the aim to build capacity for the current student council in the Nikola Karev High School in Skopje. The goal of the project is to empower students so they can develop their own functional and sustainable model of a fully student-led council that can be used as a model for other High Schools in the country.

The project itself is divided into three phases: The first phase is capacity building for 20 students from the council, where they will participate in three 2-day trainings. The second phase will involve strategic planning over a period of 4 days, where students will develop their own model of a functioning council. The third phase will involve consultative meetings and the process of selecting a new student body leadership.

On September 17th, the project team had the chance to participate in the constitutive session of the student council, where the students chose their leadership body i.e. the President and vice-President of the council. Prior to the session, students were informed about the objectives and the activities of the project and how they can take part in it.

Student Council