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KAS scholar tells us about his experience writing for South African newspaper Mail & Guardian

Aanu Adeoye is a Nigerian journalist whose work has appeared on many esteemed publications and media, including CNN and Al-Jazeera. He is currently a Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Media Africa Scholar at Wits Journalism in Johannesburg and writes for the South African weekly publication Mail &Guardian and The Continent, the first African WhatsApp newspaper
KAS Media Africa Scholar Aanu Adeoye
KAS Media Africa Scholar Aanu Adeoye

It’s tough putting into words how difficult this time has been for all of us in South Africa and elsewhere. As a Nigerian living here in Johannesburg, home is miles away. I worry about my family and friends.


Personally, the toll has been mental. It’s lonely here in my tiny student studio. I could go days without even seeing anyone. I often joke that I’m more scared of boredom than the coronavirus.


But I have a renewed sense of purpose working for the Mail & Guardian during this crisis. As a reporter on the foreign desk, I keep an eye on happenings around the continent and participate in weekly media briefings. I also contribute to The Continent, a weekly bite-sized newspaper designed to be read and shared on social media. Our reporting has shone a light on the controversies in Tanzania, covered the China-Africa relationship and other topics. I feel extremely privileged that during these difficult times, I am playing my part to bring verified news to so many people around Africa. It has proved to be an enriching experience in my development as a journalist.