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African Media Leaders Forum (AMLF)

The continent’s premier marketplace for media owners

The African Media Leaders Forum is the largest and most important market place for media owners on the continent. In Tunis more than 200 first-rate media leaders meet to exchange ideas about technology, business models and the content of the future.

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Tunis, Tunisia


  • Trevor Ncube (AMI)
    • Said Laswad (Tripoli Post)
      • Linus Gitahi (Nation Group
        • Kenya)
          • Cheriff Sy (African Editors Forum)
            • Eric Chinje (World Bank)
              • Emna Ben Jemaa (Bloggerin
                • Tunesien)
                  • Jay Naidoo
                    • u.v.m.


                      AMLF 2011: Annual Highlight to Africa's Top Media Executives: Delegates from 48 countries mades the Continent's most important marketplace a resounding success
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                      Markus Brauckmann

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                      Head of the Regional Media Programme Sub-Sahara Africa

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