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Expert conference

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KAS Media Africa Conference on Business Journalism

Senior Media Practitioners Meet to Exchange About Finance and Economics

Finance and economics reporting is a fundamental element of journalism.

Expert conference

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The Opportunities of Local Journalism

The Need for Quality and Sustainability

Local Journalism in Africa faces many challenges, including the lack of recognition by the public and increasing financial constraints. These are a threat to the sustainability of local journalism - a critical element of media across the world.


Managing Conflict in Today's Newsroom

Professional Development Course

A newsroom manager’s role is much broader than having the team deliver on publishing expectations. It calls for managing conflict in a way that does not disrupt processes and impact on journalism quality.


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Managing Conflict in Today's Newsroom

KAS Media Africa and the Aga Khan University partner for professional development course

Conflict is imminent in today’s newsrooms. A Newsroom manager’s role is much broader than simply delivering a good product. They have to manage economic expectations, gender issues, a tight budget and political influence. That’s a big task.


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Conference on public service broadcasting in Africa

How can we rejuvenate public service broadcasting on the continent?

KAS Media Africa is due to host a conference on the revitalisation of public radio. This event will gather almost 15 experts from across the continent. The conversations will explore various issues – such as the role of public broadcasters in African countries, the advent of social media and its impact on broadcasting, as well as the quality of journalism the public is exposed to.

Expert conference

KAS Conference on Political Speech Writing

Political speech writers exchange notes and share insights

Expert conference

Conference on Social Media Networks

The challenges of and with social media in Sub-Sahara Africa

KAS Media Africa is due to host a conference on social media networks – gathering almost 20 experts from across the continent, the US and Europe. The conversations will explore various issues – such as hate speech and misinformation that have been enabled or worsened by the proliferation of the world’s social media giants, their owners and the billions of people who use them. At the conference, the participants will discuss the legal landscape in various jurisdictions, and the moderation of unlawful and dangerous content on these platforms.

Book presentation

Book launch: Media Law Handbook for Southern Africa (Second Edition)

Convite para o Lançamento da Obra: Media Law Handbook for Southern Africa (2nd Edition) (Manual de Direito da Comunicação Social na África Austral – 2ª Edição)

It has been a decade since the first edition of the Southern Africa Media Law Handbook was published by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Media Programme Sub-Sahara Africa (KAS). Since then, several laws have been re-written, revised and new ones introduced. To record these changes, while also adding new country chapters – Seychelles, Mauritius and Mozambique, KAS is presenting the second edition of the handbook.

Expert conference

Credibility Crisis Conference 2022 - Cadenabbia, Italy

Experts gather to discuss the threats against media credibility in Africa and Europe

KAS Media Africa will gather a mix of 11 seasoned media professionals –journalists and publishers from across Africa, Europe and the United States to this year’s Media Credibility Crisis Conference.

Expert conference

#AfricaBlogging Conference 2022 – Grand-Bassam, Côte d’Ivoire

Bloggers gather to discuss political developments on the continent and innovation and sustainability in the blogging world

KAS Media Africa will gather 15 bloggers and journalists from English-speaking and Francophone countries in Africa to this year’s #AfricaBlogging conference.

World Journalism Education Congress

Over 600 journalism educators from 42 countries descended on the small South African university town of Gramhamstown, for discussions on the challenges facing the sector, and to map out ways of improving the quality of journalism education in a fast and constantly changing media landscape

Seminar on the impact of the 2010 World Cup on South Africa

A group of Germans, Kenyans, Ugandans, and Zimbabweans gathered at the Deutshe International Schule in Johannesburg, South Africa recently, to examine and report on the impact that the 2010 FIFA World Cup has had on the so-called rainbow nation.

Diskussion mit internationaler Journalistenrunde

Wie haben die südafrikanischen Medien bis jetzt über die WM berichtet? Waren es die Kraftanstrengungen wert, die WM nun in Südafrika zu erleben? Was bleibt am Ende für die normalen Bürger übrig? Über diese und andere Fragen diskutierten am 17. Juni Nic Dawes, Chefredakteur des „Mail & Guardian“, Horatio Motjuwadi, Chefredakteur des „Sowetan“, Professor Anton Harber, Leiter des Medienbereichs der Witwatersrand Universität, und Frank Windeck, Leiter des Medienprogramms Subsahara-Afrika.

Power Reporting Workshop

Investigative Journalism in Africa

Muckraker – not only a complimentary term for journalists who uncover nuisances in politics as well as over areas of society. Such ‘muckrakers’ gathered for three days in Johannesburg at the Wits Power Reporting Workshop both to inform and to discuss about their work.

Conference for Journalism Educators in Africa

Journalism Educators from several parts of Africa gathered in Johannesburg to discuss ways of improving all aspects of journalism education in African universities.

Radio Management Workshop

Participants from different Sub-Saharan countries met in Johannesburg for one week to receive management training in radio. This was aimed at improving their quality of radio productions by reforming management of radio stations.

Media Programme reaches thousands of internet users through twitter at their conference

Within the framework of the Africa Media Leadership Conference, that took place in Accra, Ghana beginning of October 2009, the Media Programme sub-Sahara Africa started a trial ballon of a digital kind.

Afrikanische Medienkonferenz der KAS gewinnt stark an Bedeutung

Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 2002 veranstaltet das Medienprogramm Sub-Sahara Afrika einmal jährlich seine Africa Media Leadership Conference (AMLC). An wechselnden Orten treffen sich dazu Chefredakteure, Herausgeber und Besitzer von afrikanischen Medienhäusern, um aktuelle Probleme im Journalismus des Kontinents zu besprechen, neue Netzwerke über Ländergrenzen hinweg aufzubauen, alte Kontakte weiter zu pflegen und zukünftige Probleme im Medienbereich zu analysieren sowie passende Lösungen für eben diese Probleme zu erarbeiten.

Election Reporting in South Africa

Radio workshop

"Revenue Generation for Robust African Media"

New Media Manual Published