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Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum

Sharing Solutions

The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum offers a unique interdisciplinary platform for media professionals as well as decision-makers from politics, civil society, culture, education, business, and science from all over the world to get together and to learn from each other as part of an intercultural exchange since 2008.


Reporter Slam Africa 2024

Entertaining stage format with journalists in cooperation with the Reporter Slam Organisation Germany and African citizens.

The event brings journalists into the spotlight and challenges them to tell a unique and interesting way about their work. At the event journalists will compete against each other and present their story as creative as possible and give a behind the scenes look at their life as a journalist. The end of the event the journalist whose story is appeals to the public will be named the Slammer for 2024.


2024 IPI World Congress and Media Innovation Festival

A gathering of leading journalists, editors, and publishers from around the world.

Journalists from Africa will attend with the support of the KAS Media Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa. So, they can bring their respective perspectives, knowledge and experiences from Africa into the debates.


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African Media Councils' Meeting

Convened by the South African Press Council and supported by KAS Media Programme Sub-Saharan Africa.

The aim of the meeting is to strengthen self-regulation of media content in Africa by fostering communication and an exchange of information between independent media councils, identifying issues of common concern, discussing the establishment of a network of media councils, and giving African delegates the opportunity to prepare for and attend the conference of the global Organisation of News Ombudsmen and Standards.


fully booked

Adenauer Media Lecture

Television is dead, long live television!

The first Adenauer Media Lecture will take place at Wits University on the 19th of March 2024.

Expert conference

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Local Journalism Conference 2024

New Challenges for Local Journalism

Local news is the solution for the survival of ailing media.


KAS Media Africa Local Journalism Award Call for Submissions 2024

KAS Media Africa invites you to make your submissions in English or French for consideration.

Local journalism is what makes the media and its audiences tick. It is the stories around us and about us, that speak to the situation in a country. Moreover, local news, if presented professionally, can be elevated to national level and sometimes, even make international headlines. Many local journalists struggle daily with breaking international news down to a local level. How does a coup d’état in Mali affect its neighbouring countries? What does climate change mean for the subsistence farmer in Zimbabwe?


Managing Conflict in Today's Newsroom 2023

Executive Education Course

Today’s newsroom environment is not devoid of conflict. With many competing interests, especially the business demand for media survival while journalists do what they know best – tell compelling stories – there is bound to be conflict.

Expert conference

fully booked

KAS Media Africa Conference on Business Journalism

Senior Media Practitioners Meet to Exchange About Finance and Economics

Finance and economics reporting is a fundamental element of journalism.

Expert conference

fully booked

The Opportunities of Local Journalism

The Need for Quality and Sustainability

Local Journalism in Africa faces many challenges, including the lack of recognition by the public and increasing financial constraints. These are a threat to the sustainability of local journalism - a critical element of media across the world.

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Like, Post, Share – The Power of Social Media in Campaigning

Report on the E-lection Bridge Academy in Johannesburg by Tanja Schreiner

„Young people are extremely important. And it is crucial to start things early in life”, Norbert Mao, chairman of the Uganda Democratic Party, emphasized during the first E-lection Bridge Academy in Johannesburg. Mao, who was a candidate in Uganda’s last presidential elections, started campaigning for the local student parliament early in his life.

Freiheit und Demokratie fördern in einer multipolaren Welt

Mitarbeiterkonferenz Afrika und Naher Osten der KAS in Arusha/Tansania

Eröffnet durch Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering, Vorsitzender der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, fand vom 1. bis 7. September 2013 die Mitarbeiterkonferenz aller Leiter der Auslandbüros der Stiftung in Afrika und im Nahen Osten statt. Neben Gesprächen mit hochrangigen Vertretern von BMZ und GIZ standen die Themen „Politischer Islam“, sicherheitspolitische Fragen, „Rohstoffökonomien, Entwicklung und Demokratie“ sowie das Verhältnis zu den politischen Partnern der KAS im Mittelpunkt der Tagung in der tansanischen Stadt Arusha, dem Sitz der East African Community.

From Taxi Radio to Solar Radio: Challenges and Opportunities for Africa’s Most Important Medium

Report on the Joburg Radio Days 2013 by Tanja Schreiner

“It was a real career highlight to get to come to South Africa and speak at the conference,” Sam Cavanagh from Southern Cross Austere in Australia reported after the fourth edition of Joburg Radio Days that was held from July 3 – 5, 2013 at the Wits Club at Wits University. As before, the conference aimed to bring together people from public, community and commercial radio to discuss issues of common concern. With some 160 delegates from 12 countries attending, feedback throughout was very positive.

Innovation Africa – Afrolabs boom

Hundreds of people crowded on a platform at the Berlin Station. Little queues appeared at the entrance - a mixture of young, old, European and the world. What they all have in common is their interest in innovation. Numerous bloggers, journalists and internet experts assembled from 6th to 8th May in Berlin for re:publica, one of Europe’s biggest internet and social media conferences. Under this year’s slogan, “In/Sight/Out”, they discussed the increasing integration of online and offline life. Unusual for an international technology congress, there was a strong focus on the African continent.

Mutual problems, collective solutions

E-lection Bridge 2013 in Windhoek

African elections are often confronted with manageable expectations from a worldwide community that hope for as little bloodletting as possible and mostly democratic elections whose outcome does not endanger the stability of the particular region. The omnipresent reports about buying of votes, clan politics and intimidation among political opponents, bedim the fact that there are nevertheless plenty of ambitiously executed election campaigns which are based on modern means of political communication.

„Ein neuer Blick auf Afrika“

Fachgespräch über wirtschaftliche Perspektiven für Deutschland in Afrikas Rohstoffsektor

Große Chancen, manche Risiken: Beim Fachgespräch „Deutsche Wirtschaftsinteressen und afrikanische Rohstoffe – Herausforderungen der Nachhaltigkeit und Transparenz in einer globalisierten Welt“ haben sich Vertreter der Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Politik im Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft in Berlin getroffen.

Freedom of expression and more: African Media Leaders Forum in Dakar

New Director of KAS Media Africa introduced

The African Media Leaders Forum (AMLF) celebrated its fifth year anniversary in Dakar. 350 African media owners and top journalists participated - more than ever before. The conference strengthened its place as the most important network meeting in the African media landscape. At this occasion the incumbent head of the KAS Media Africa, Mr. Markus Brauckmann, introduced his successor, Mr. Christian Echle.

Ideas & Innovations on Silicon Island

Welcome to the ANIC/TechCamp in Zanzibar - The Finalists Workshop

A whiff of Silicon Valley drifted over Zanzibar. The participants at the TechCamp had exactly three minutes to convince the listeners of their various start-up ideas. Then the bell rang and the next one got a turn. The point of the exercise, which is more commonly used to woo venture capitalists: to clearly articulate their proposed plan and to inspire the audience. Alluding to the legendary region of IT founders in California, one of the conference participants in Zanzibar joked that, “We’re here right now on Silicon Island.”

Radio Days: Chances And Challenges For An Important Medium

Regional Conference at Wits University in Johannesburg, by Stefan Möhl

“Will radio remain the most important medium on the continent?” This question from Professor Franz Kruger, Director of the WITS Radio Academy, launched the regional conference, Joburg Radio Days 2012. The top-class speaker’s remarks then inspired vibrant discussions about the chances and challenges for the medium in Africa.

Crossing The E-lection Bridge Africa - Towards New Horizons In The Region

CDU General Manager Dr. Klaus Schüler praises KAS Media Africa initiative as "the way to go"

The driver slowly maneuvers the bus full of E-lection Bridge Africa participants over the dirt road to the backstage area. On an open-air ground in Tanzania’s capital, Dar es Salaam, the opposition party CHADEMA has called a mass rally. Around 20,000 enthusiastic supporters followed the call. They fill the barren area with life. “People’s – Power!” the crowd chants, CHADEMA’s acoustic trademark.