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Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum

Sharing Solutions

The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum offers a unique interdisciplinary platform for media professionals as well as decision-makers from politics, civil society, culture, education, business, and science from all over the world to get together and to learn from each other as part of an intercultural exchange since 2008.


Reporter Slam Africa 2024

Entertaining stage format with journalists in cooperation with the Reporter Slam Organisation Germany and African citizens.

The event brings journalists into the spotlight and challenges them to tell a unique and interesting way about their work. At the event journalists will compete against each other and present their story as creative as possible and give a behind the scenes look at their life as a journalist. The end of the event the journalist whose story is appeals to the public will be named the Slammer for 2024.


2024 IPI World Congress and Media Innovation Festival

A gathering of leading journalists, editors, and publishers from around the world.

Journalists from Africa will attend with the support of the KAS Media Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa. So, they can bring their respective perspectives, knowledge and experiences from Africa into the debates.


fully booked

African Media Councils' Meeting

Convened by the South African Press Council and supported by KAS Media Programme Sub-Saharan Africa.

The aim of the meeting is to strengthen self-regulation of media content in Africa by fostering communication and an exchange of information between independent media councils, identifying issues of common concern, discussing the establishment of a network of media councils, and giving African delegates the opportunity to prepare for and attend the conference of the global Organisation of News Ombudsmen and Standards.


fully booked

Adenauer Media Lecture

Television is dead, long live television!

The first Adenauer Media Lecture will take place at Wits University on the 19th of March 2024.

Expert conference

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Local Journalism Conference 2024

New Challenges for Local Journalism

Local news is the solution for the survival of ailing media.


KAS Media Africa Local Journalism Award Call for Submissions 2024

KAS Media Africa invites you to make your submissions in English or French for consideration.

Local journalism is what makes the media and its audiences tick. It is the stories around us and about us, that speak to the situation in a country. Moreover, local news, if presented professionally, can be elevated to national level and sometimes, even make international headlines. Many local journalists struggle daily with breaking international news down to a local level. How does a coup d’état in Mali affect its neighbouring countries? What does climate change mean for the subsistence farmer in Zimbabwe?


Managing Conflict in Today's Newsroom 2023

Executive Education Course

Today’s newsroom environment is not devoid of conflict. With many competing interests, especially the business demand for media survival while journalists do what they know best – tell compelling stories – there is bound to be conflict.

Expert conference

fully booked

KAS Media Africa Conference on Business Journalism

Senior Media Practitioners Meet to Exchange About Finance and Economics

Finance and economics reporting is a fundamental element of journalism.

Expert conference

fully booked

The Opportunities of Local Journalism

The Need for Quality and Sustainability

Local Journalism in Africa faces many challenges, including the lack of recognition by the public and increasing financial constraints. These are a threat to the sustainability of local journalism - a critical element of media across the world.

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"Important for the political opposition"

Web TV Workshop in Angola

The participants in Angola were quite amazed when suddenly theory turned into practice. They had been listening attentively to the web-TV presentation when the unexpected occurred: With a cameraman at his side, lecturer Markus Brauckmann, director of KAS Media Africa, did a spontaneous interview with several of the assembled political communicators, firsthand and unaffected. The activity was meant to demonstrate how simple and efficient internet television can really be.

Bundeskanzlerin Merkel trifft KAS-Partner in Angola

Bei ihrem Angola-Besuch hat sich Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel auch mit den lokalen Partnern der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung getroffen. In einem Hintergrundgespräch zur Situation der Zivilgesellschaft in Angola unterhielt sie sich unter anderem mit Claudio Emanuel, Journalist bei dem von der KAS geförderten Radiosender „Despertar“, und dem angolanischen Rapper MC Kapa. Moderiert wurde die Diskussionsrunde von Holger Haibach, der seit Kurzem das Länderbüro der KAS für Namibia und Angola leitet.

Adressing Tomorrow's Media Challenges

Wits Journalism Seminar Mini-Series

Welcome to Wits Journalism! Speaking at the department’s recent mini-seminar series, Markus Brauckmann, director of the KAS Media Africa programme, told delegates that political parties operating in the region can raise their profile if they emulate their counterparts overseas, where Internet TV has successfully been used as a campaigning tool. Brauckmann managed the Internet TV operation of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, during her successful re-election campaign in 2009.

Von Radio bis Web-TV: Die Herausforderungen von morgen

Aktuelle Veranstaltungsreihe - die Wits Journalism Seminar Mini-Series

Web TV ist einer der zukunftsträchtigen Instrumente im Werkzeugkasten der Medien und politischen Kommunikation. Die journalistische Fakultät der Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg hatte deshalb den Leiter des regionalen Medienprogramms Subsahara-Afrika, Markus Brauckmann, als Dozenten eingeladen. Brauckmann, der 2009 im Bundestagswahlkampf das Web TV der CDU geleitet hatte, sprach im Rahmen der angesehenen „Wits Journalism Seminar Mini-Series“ vor angehenden Journalisten, Studenten und Professoren.

Dr. Klaus Schüler: "A successful premiere" - The first KAS E-lection Bridge Africa

Top African and German political communicators meeting in Accra/Ghana

Praise for the premiere came from a qualified source. “That was an amazing experience,” commented Dr. Klaus Schüler on the first E-lection Bridge Africa conference from April 29th to May 2nd in Accra. The CDU General Manager, who is considered one of the world’s leading experts on political communication, travelled to Ghana as one of the speakers at the summit of African and German campaign experts. “I am extremely impressed with this meeting,” he pronounced about the initiative from KAS Media Africa.

Dr. Schüler: "Die Zweibahnstrasse funktioniert hervorragend"

Die erste Konferenz der KAS E-lection Bridge Africa in Accra/Ghana

Das Lob für die Premiere kam aus berufenem Munde. „Das war eine großartige Erfahrung“, kommentierte Dr. Klaus Schüler die erste Konferenz der „E-lection Bridge Africa“ vom 29. April bis 2. Mai in Accra. Der CDU-Bundesgeschäftsführer, der weltweit zu den führenden Köpfen der Politischen Kommunikation zählt, war als Referent zum Gipfeltreffen von afrikanischen und deutschen Wahlkampfexperten nach Ghana gereist. „Ich bin ausgesprochen beeindruckt von diesem Meeting“, urteilte er über die Initiative von KAS Medien Afrika.

Twittern und Web-TV: digitale Wahlhelfer in der Republik Südafrika

Workshop in Durban mit dem "Multi Party"-Ansatz

Ob Onlinewerbung auf Facebook, die Verteilung des Parteiprogramms auf Memory-Sticks oder interaktive Kommunikation via Twitter: Quer durch Südafrikas Parteienlandschaft experimentieren die Wahlkampfstrategen derzeit mit den neuen digitalen Instrumenten der Politischen Kommunikation.

Simba, Chui und Duma - Wahlkampf 2.0 in Tansania

Digitale Politische Kommunikation in Dar es Salaam

Wahlkampf auf Kisuaheli in Tansania: Simba (der Löwe) ist stolz und stark. Chui (der Leopard) kann auf seine List und Schläue zählen. Und Duma (der Gepard) saust schnell wie der Wind. „Alles Eigenschaften, die einen guten Wahlkämpfer ausmachen“, lächelt Stefan Reith, der KAS-Repräsentant in Dar es Salaam – und benennt dann drei Arbeitsgruppen nach den berühmten Tieren der Region. Die Teilnehmer applaudieren spontan. Willkommen zur abschließenden Übung des Workshops „Introducing the Digital Toolkit – for Political Parties in Campaigns and Beyond“ am 9. April in Dar/Tansania.

Basic Communication in Zimbabwe

Harare: Training councillors and committee members

Three, two, one – action! The camera starts rolling and the three local politicians are visibly nervous. But the trio are not deterred. They deliver their statements accurately, and are rewarded with hearty applause from the participants. Welcome to the final exercise of the successful workshop, ‘Fundamentals of Communication: Theory and Practice’, in Harare, Zimbabwe on March 8-9, 2011, a KAS Media Africa project, with support from KAS Zimbabwe.

Demokratische Kräfte vor Ort stärken - Grundlagen der Kommunikation

Erfolgreicher Workshop für Lokalpolitiker in Simbabwe

Drei, zwei, eins – Aufnahme. Die Kamera läuft und eine leichte Nervosität ist den drei Lokalpolitikern anzumerken. Doch das Trio lässt sich nicht beirren. Präzise liefern sie ihre Statements ab – belohnt mit einem kräftigen Applaus der Teilnehmer. Willkommen zur abschließenden Übung des erfolgreichen Workshops „Grundlagen der Kommunikation: Theorie und Praxis“ in Harare/Simbabwe am 8. und 9. März 2011, einem Projekt von KAS Medien Afrika - unterstützt von KAS Simbabwe.