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Das Asia News Network gewinnt Gold

by Torben Stephan

Gemeinschaftprojekt über Tsunami-Katastrophe ausgezeichnet
Mit dem cross-medialen Gemeinschaftsprojekt „Ocean's Fury: Are We Ready?“ ist das Asia News Network bei den 6. Digital Media Awards in Hongkong mit Gold prämiert worden. Das interaktive E-Book, von dem auch eine Web-Version existiert, erhielt die Auszeichnung in der Kategorie „Beste Daten-Visualisierung“.

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Einigung in der Griechenland-Krise

Weltweite Reaktionen
Die Einigung in der Griechenland-Krise auf dem Sondergipfel der Euro-Gruppe am 12./13. Juli 2015 ist ein beherrschendes Thema in ganz Europa und darüber hinaus. Einen Überblick über Reaktionen in Politik und Medien in ihren Einsatzländern geben die Auslandsmitarbeiterinnen und -mitarbeiter der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in dem vorliegenden Stimmungsbild.

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Asia Climate Journal

Umweltblog für Asien
The Asia Climate Journal is a blog aiming to raise awareness for environmental issues in the region.

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Asia-Pacific Media Update

Analysing Press Freedom in Asia-Pacific
The Asia-Pacific Media Update is an online platform for the Asia-Pacific media landscape. It covers 33 countries from the region and analyses the latest developments and events surrounding press freedom and freedom of speech.

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Media Information Guide Asia

The Media Information Guide is the Media Programme’s first brochure to provide journalists and media professionals with an overview of interesting projects and information sources in Asia.

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ACFJ-Alumni featured in New York Times

Two video stories by Rajneesh Bhandari, multimedia journalist and graduate of the Konrad Adenauer Center for Asian Journalism (ACFJ), have been featured on the New York Times website.

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Climate Change in Asia

Data-driven website
Climate change is one of the biggest challenges faced globally and an issue with significant implications on energy, food and water security, as well as health and safety of people across the world. Melting glaciers, heat waves, sinking cities, droughts and floods - the effects of climate change are too evident to be ignored.

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Inside Guantanamo Bay

ACFJ graduate Syed Nazakat wins award for exclusive story
Syed Nazakat, a graduate of the Konrad Adenauer Center for Journalism (ACFJ), was awarded the Chief Editor’s Gold Medal by his employer, India’s ''The Week Magazine'', for his world exclusive story on Gitmo, the detention facility for alleged terrorists in America’s Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

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Social Media and Elections in Asia-Pacific

by Alastair Carthew, Simon Winkelmann

The Growing Power of the Youth Vote
“Social Media and Elections in Asia-Pacific - The Growing Power of the Youth Vote” is a compilation of 10 chapters covering eleven nations in which our contributors from Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand (Australasia), South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan examine trends and outcomes surrounding recent elections in these countries.

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Data journalism in Asia

by Simon Winkelmann

A collection of articles from members of the Society of Asian Journalists (SAJ)
What is data journalism? Both ‘data’ and ‘journalism’ are troublesome terms. Some people think of ‘data’ as any collection of numbers, most likely gathered on a spreadsheet. 20 years ago, that was pretty much the only sort of data journalists dealt with.