Single title

The social media (r)evolution?

Asian Perspectives on New Media

"The social media (r)evolution? Asian perspectives on new media" is a compilation of 13 articles that discuss social media developments and trendsin Asia. For this publication we invited eleven alumni from the KonradAdenauer Asian Center for Journalism (ACFJ) at the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines to share their views on social media issues based on their inside knowledge and hands-on experience.
The authors from six different countries provide insight into various new media trends and present diversified approaches, ranging from Cambodia, with comparably low Internet penetration, to Indonesia, which is considered the second biggest Facebook “nation” in the world.

Contributions by:

Ratana Som, Edi Utama, Anisha Bhaduri, Sherrie Ann Torres, Engelbert Apostol, Bruce Avasadanond, KY Pung, Susan Tam, Syed Nazakat, Karen Yap, Michael Josh Villanueva

Edited by:

Simon Winkelmann

Topics include:

• Integration of social media in traditional newsrooms

• Issues and challenges of social media

• Social media and newsprint advertising

• Social media and television networks

• Ways to maximise and monetise social media

• Investigative journalism and social media

• Censorship and social media