3rd East-West Center International Media Conference

Networked News: How New Media Is Shaping Stories in Asia and the Pacific

With an expected 300-plus professionals, including top journalists and communicators from some of the most influential media in Asia, the Pacific and the USA, the conference will highlight the latest state of play in both news and media issues.


The growing use of digital media is not only shaping the way people get their news but also the stories themselves, as game-changers like the Arab Spring and Fukushima tragedy demonstrated. New media will play an increasingly strategic role in the future of Asia, the world’s most dynamic region. From Facebook candidates and Twitter campaigns to protests on trade and corruption to sharing information at lightning-speed on tragedy and triumph, digital technology has become a major factor in our lives and our countries.

The 3rd East-West Center International Media Conference will look at news and journalism issues in Asia, the Pacific and United States through the prism of New Media. South Korea, the most wired nation in the world, provides an ideal venue with its cutting-edge IT industry and dynamic media, including one of the earliest citizen-reporting networks. The conference, hosted by the East-West Center, will be held at Yonsei University in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and include speakers from media, government, NGOs, academia and business.

For more information, including the agenda, you can check out the East-West Center's website:

3rd East-West Center International Media Conference

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Seoul, South Korea


Britt Gehder

Programme Officer