ANN Coordinators' Meeting - Report and Pictures

For Asian newspapers the future lies in the internet.


However, one of the conclusions made at this years ANN Coordinators' Meeting is, that the 21 members of the Asia News Network are exceeding to the web not only because of the loss of readers. China and India for example are registering a growing circulation. Despite that, earnings made with advertisements are decreasing. Due to that the goal is to gain additional income by new online possibilities.

For some newspapers, especially in Southeast Asia, publishing online also means a greater editorial tolerance.

Newspapers in Chinese Taipeh and Singapore do not get through to young people with their traditional print products. Forums and Blogs allow direct interaction with users.

The 42 participants of the workshop therefore listened closely to the presentation of Gilles Demptos.

The Business Development Director of IFRA Asia spoke about new crossmedial ways of workflow. Felix Soh, Digital Media Editor of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), invited the participants from 19 different Asian countries for a visit to the SPH News and Multimedia Centres. Needless to say, that an important theme of this years meeting was also the co-operation with dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur. For the German press agency Ulrike Czerwonka participated in the workshop .

For pictures of the event click here.

To see the video "Shift happens" that was shown during the conference by Mr. Felix Soh click here.

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  • Mr. Gilles Demptos
    • Business Development Director of IFRA Asia

      Katrin Hüttler

      ANN-Koordinatorenkonferenz - Bericht und Fotos