Asia News Network Coordinators’ Meeting 2013

Manila, Philippines

Asia News Network (ANN) is an alliance of 23 Asian newspapers. This year's coordinators' meeting took place in Manila, Philippines where representatives from the ANN newspapers came together to discuss crowdsourcing in Asian journalism.


Crowdsourcing is a process where media companies solicit content from the audience. Mostly it involves digital tools and invokes social networking platforms to collect that content - a grassroots initiative that could potentially produce better journalism.

Because crowdsourcing allows a large number of people to work on a single task, the act produces massive amounts of potential data due to the range and number of people working on the process. Media companies thus benefit from a wide range of potential opinions, with broad geographical coverage given the global nature of the Internet.

Inviting content from the audience is now part of the media landscape. It has evolved from being a new and innovative process to standard operating procedure at some companies. Reporters routinely retrieve valuable information from a citizenry increasingly empowered by technology like smart phones and tablets. Social networking and communication are now interwoven into the process of what many journalists do, from gathering and checking information to letting audiences know what is available.

Apart from discussions and presentations on crowdsourcing journalism and an internal ANN meeting, the particpipants were given an insight into the work and educational opportunities of the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism (ACFJ) at Ateneo de Manila University.

The tentative programme for this conference can be found here: ANN coordinators' meeting programme

The pictures from the event can be found here: Picasa Photos

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