Misinformation in Medicine Summit

Join experts in a two day online event to examine Asia's media fact-checking response towards the "Infodemic" that has spread in parallel with Covid-19.


The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of accurate health reporting and handling health misinformation. Numerous cities across the world have fallen victim to misinformation and conspiracy theories that have led to mob violence, public disorder and avoidable death tolls. The crippling spread of COVID-19 has progressed in parallel with a saturation of information online relating to the pandemic. The WHO has labeled this as an “infodemic” which poses an unprecedented risks to global health.

The two-day online event will consists of talks, interviews, and panel-discussions with doctors, public health specialists, academics, journalists and technologists who have closely studied COVID-19-related misinformation on the frontlines of the Infodemic. We will examine the successes and shortfalls of the global response to COVID19-related misinformation, initiatives taken by social media platforms and fact-checkers. The summit is designed to strengthen the dialogue on fighting misinformation in health and further consolidate and spread the collaborative networks across Asia. It will provide opportunities for participants to engage with a broad network of stakeholders to facilitate knowledge sharing, strategies and community building opportunities in fact-checking.

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Glenn Chong (2020)

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