Political Polls: Critical To The Political Process”

Meinungsumfragen als Bestandteil des politischen Prozesses

Political polling is an ongoing critical part of the politicalprocess in a democracy. Top pollsters will debate and examine various aspects of polling: its impact on society, and the politicalestablishment as well as its influence on voters.


Topics will include the impact of social media on the

polling process; issues specific to the Asia-Pacific

region; case histories of recent elections and the impact

of polling and many more.

Participants include Dr Wolfgang Donsbach, Department of Media and Communications, Technische Universität Dresden; Dr Norman Abjorensen, Parliamentary Studies Centre Policy and Governance Program of Crawford School of Economics and Government, Australian National University; Ibrahim Suffian, Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Vladymir Licudine, Social Weather Station, Philippines; Stephen Mills, UMR Research New Zealand; and Dr Noppadon Kannika, ABAC Poll Research Center, Assumption University, Thailand

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Britt Gehder

Programme Officer