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Data Journalism Boot Camp

The Media Programme Asia in collaboration with DataLEADS and The Daily Star in Bangladesh bring you the next installment of the Pan Asia Data Journalism Initiative.


Developing strategies in the digital age

The amount of social media platforms on the market increases constantly. At the workshop participants will learn which networks are recommendable for business or private purposes and how to use them more efficiently to reach their goals.


Global Investigative Journalism Conference

The Global Investigative Journalism Conference brings more than 800 of the world’s best journalists from over 100 countries together for an intense skills development seminar that equips them with the latest in investigative journalism techniques.

Expert conference

#ACPC17 – Asian Conference for Political Communication

At #ACPC17, we examine the latest global trends in political communication. Influencers in academia, politics and government discuss communication/election campaigns amidst the chances and challenges of social media and the rise of populism.


Adenauer Summer School

The Adenauer Summer School was a unique opportunity for Adenauer Fellowship members, alumni, and selected industry experts to connect and establish professional networks. Fellows also upgraded their proficiencies through a skills workshop.

Expert conference

Keep it Real: Truth and Trust in the Media

Eine Konferenz zu Fake News

The Keep it Real Conference brings together policymakers, news industry players and other stakeholders to examine the phenomenon of "fake news" as well as explore concrete initiatives designed to fight the spread of misinformation in Asia.

Expert conference

Conference for e-Democracy and Open Government

CeDEM brings together e-democracy, e-participation and open government specialists working in academia, politics and government. The conference critically analyses the innovations, ideas and challenges in the networked societies of the digital age.


Data Journalism Workshop Series

The Data Journalism Workshop equips journalists with the skills on how to transform data into information, stories and headlines. Our experts will illustrate how to generate powerful story ideas and investigative work from raw data.


Asia News Network Board Meeting 2017

The Asia News Network (ANN) is Asia’s largest news syndication network. Board members convened to discuss the future direction, collaborative projects and digital strategies amidst the ever changing global media landscape.


Mobile Journalism Workshop Series

The Mobile Journalism Workshop equips journalists with the fundamentals of in-the-field and on-the-go reporting. Our experts will look into the essentials of shooting, editing and sharing your news stories using just a mobile phone.

Splice Beta Online 2020

Amidst the numerous disruptions to the media industry, we brought together the movers and players who are riding atop the wave of disruption.

Mobile Journalism Conference Asia 2020

The future of mojo is in Asia!

More than 750 people from over 63 countries have joined the world’s first virtual mobile journalism conference. The Mobile Journalism (MOJO) Conference Asia 2020 pivoted from a planned physical event to the online environment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It combined live and online sessions, webinars and master classes, co-created with MOJO experts from worldwide.

Mobile Journalism Conference Asia 2019

This was the first ever Mobile Journalism Conference in Asia - a great event to network and learn from like-minded journalists. Over 250 reporters and academics from 31 countries came together in Bangkok, Thailand to exchange their ideas and skills on mobile reporting.

JONAlists support the Uncovering Asia Newsroom

This report presents the experiences of the JONAcademy Fellows at the Uncovering Asia 2018 Conference in Seoul, Korea.

Media Programme publishes Mobile Journalism Manual

Multimedia journalists from all over Asia have produced a manual about mobile journalism. The online publication offers insights into this new storytelling method, explaining how reporters and newsrooms can produce good video reports by just using their phone.

News Planning in Digital Newsrooms

ANN’s Lessons From Previous Collaboration Efforts and Steps Moving Forward

16 editors of the Asia News Network (ANN) – longstanding partner of the KAS Media Programme Asia – gathered in Singapore to discuss future ideas to ensure a smoother collaboration process. They were joined by Michael Ludewig, Managing Editor of the Swiss Blick Group, who provided an outsider’s perspective through his workshop.

Asia’s Investigative Journalists meet in Nepal

Walter „Robby“ Robinson was the star of Uncovering Asia, the largest conference for investigative journalism in Asia. 370 journalists from 50 countries travelled to Kathmandu to attend the event and every single one wanted a selfie with the 70-year-old. The conference is hosted biennially by the KAS Media Programme Asia in cooperation with the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN).

Political strategists meet for the E-lection Bridge in Colombo

Social Media is growing very important for election campaigns in Asia and the Pacific, while populists increasingly take influence. This is the result of the E-lection Bridge Asia-Pacific in 2016 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where we held a three-day roundtable. We invited electoral campaign managers and strategists from twelve countries in the Asian and Pacific region.

A brainstorming session amongst editors from Europe and Asia

Editors from Asia and Europe were invited to meet in Mongolia to discuss methods on improving connectivity and open communication between the two continents. Prior to this meeting, two journalists’ workshops were conducted in Brussels and Guangzhou, during the months of January and May, respectively.

Digital change: Asia News Network meets german and swiss publishing houses

The digital change is picking up speed in Asia. Especially newspaper publishers are forced to restructure their newsrooms and develop new business models. At the invitation of the KAS Media Programme Asia, a group of members of the Asia News Net-work (ANN) visited German and Swiss publishing houses to discuss opportunities and risks of the digital change for the media industry.

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