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350 journalists from all over the world meet in India

After two years, the International Media Conference was hosted again by the KAS Media Programme Asia in cooperation with the East-West Center (EWC). Journalists from more than 40 nations visited the biennially conference, this year in India under the slogan “South Asia Looking East”.

This year’s conference offered an extensive programme for the journalists that came to New Delhi. Whereas the venue and the slogan was the reason for a focus on South Asia and especially India, the participants made the conference all the more international: Topics, like press freedom and its consequences for journalists and their work, the specific field of investigative journalism, various political trouble spots around the world as well as their international influences, or the role of women (in journalism) have been discussed diverse and from different international and interculturel point of views. Every session – whether it was a workshop, a talk or a panel discussion – led to fruitful discussions and a lively exchange of ideas between the participants even afterwards.

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Torben Stephan