Event Reports

Online training: Political communication for professionals

by Ivanina Georgieva
Digital networking and the organisation of online press conferences and interviews were on the agenda of the two-part block seminar with Policy Advisor Robert Hein and communication professionals from South East Europe.

This year's first online seminar on "(Digital) Networking for Communication Professionals" with the German Policy Advisor Robert Hein focused on how the pandemic has changed the framework for political communication and how experts in this field can meet these changes well  prepared. Communication professionals from seven South East European countries participated in the online seminar and shared expertise as well as best practices in the field of  professional political communication.

The first part of the training focused on communication strategies and the development of a more professional social media profile. It became clear that developing a communication strategy for all relevant target groups is a task that should not be underestimated. In the field of political communication, one must and should address a broad audience made up of different age, interest and media user groups. The choice of communication channels as well as the format of campaigns must be precisely structured and selected, especially in the digital age. Participants agreed that it is often a challenge for communications departments to keep up with rapidly changing trends within digital communications.

At the second session, specifics of (online) interviews and press conferences were elaborated collectively. Especially in the past year and with the beginning of the Corona pandemic, it became clear how important it is to communicate information of public interest accurately. In this regard, communication with the public (especially in times of crisis) must be prepared and planned in detail. The participants were presented with planning and communication strategies as well as tools and methods for successfully working with journalists. Finally, critical situations during interviews and press conferences were discussed, giving the participants the opportunity to share examples, tips and tricks for successful communication.