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Highly qualified Ukrainian specialist in Germany and Poland

Research results about Ukrainian migrants abroad - and prospects of their return to Ukraine

Authors of the research - Professor of Sociology Dr. Oksana Danylenko, Professor of Political Science Dr. Tetyana Panchenko

The publication presents the results of the sociological research with the application of the qualitative methods of sociology, which allowed us to explore the lifeworld of highly qualified Ukrainian labour migrants in Germany and Poland. The main research idea is to consider in unity the whole picture of reasons for moving to another country as well as for returning. Based on the methodological principles of the sociology of everyday life, biographical method and the authors’ own lingua-conflict analysis, the analysis tools have been developed, and 24 interviews have been conducted, including 12 in Germany (Munich) and 12 in Poland (Wrocław, Kraków), in the period from 22 October 2019 to 8 January 2020. Additional value for the materials obtained is created by the unique nature of the research circumstances, since the authors themselves currently have a status close to the informants’. Being highly qualified professionals, they moved to another country, although not for a job offer, as most of the people interviewed, but as wives of highly qualified specialists. The biographical situation of the authors defined a unique opportunity to be involved in the material and immerse themselves in the research field: two highly qualified sociologists, using the opportunity of their immersion in the everyday life of Poland and Germany, have decided to apply their competencies and conducted this research.