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The European Union and the Global Youth – Looking for the Snowball Effect

By Constantin Knuhr

The EU together with its Member States is the top investor and development assistant provider in the world. Yet, in public perception, there seems to be a discrepancy between the EU's financial contribution and its visibility. This again might lead to the impression that the EU's role in important partner countries is diminishing.

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"Water Security: Diplomacy, Global Cooperation, and Effective Management of Shared Rivers"

by Farwa Aamer

On the occasion of the first global UN Water Conference in almost 50 years and on World Water Day, we present the new KAS-Stimson report.

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The Return of Central Asia: The EU’s engagement with a region threatened by the Dragonbear

By Samuel Doveri Vesterbye, Dr. Farkhod Aminjonov & Kemel Toktomushev - Edited by Janne Leino

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Strengthening legal frameworks for political parties

Various authors

Political party, parliamentary and election law development in Mongolia, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand and Venezuela.

A Global Climate Alliance for Accelerated Climate Action

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The Global Climate Alliance Report has been launched by Hon. Mr. Jayant Sinha at COP27 at Sharm-al Sheikh and the T20 Inception Conference in New Delhi.

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Time for the EU to implement the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda: Could Finland serve as a role model?

By Theresa Rohrhirsch

In this study Theresa Rohrhirsch examines how Finland developed its national action plan on the UN Youth Peace and Security agenda and draws conclusions for the EU´s engagement with the global youth.

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European aphasia in the Sahel: stabilising how?

By Delina Goxho and Selina Daugalies

In 2021 the European Union (EU) launched a new Sahel strategy, affirming the EU’s intention to step up the partnership with the Sahel region by addressing the area’s challenges. The new strategy reflects the EU’s growing concern over the region’s security and political instability, resource scarcity and the resulting humanitarian crisis.


Global Climate Alliance For Accelerated Climate Action

The GCA Collaborative is proposing an open and inclusive global agreement to massively accelerate the Global South’s progress to net-zero emissions.

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“Democratic Media Strategy in a Global Context"

What the EU can do to defend freedom of speech and the freedom of press worldwide.

The growing attacks on democracy worldwide have a far-reaching impact on the freedom of press. As well as harming plurality in general, independent journalism is losing ground to a one-sided media culture where disinformation and fake news can spread without proper checks.

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