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12th EU-China Think Tank Roundtable

Chinese and European experts will discuss the future of EU-China relations, identify regional foreign policy and security challenges for Europe and China, and reflect on cooperation oppotunities in the areas of trade, investment and climate change.
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European Policy Centre (14 Rue du Trône)


  • Cui Hongjian
    • Xavier Nuttin
      • Song Xinning
        • Alice Ekman
          • Liu Chao
            • Amanda Paul
              • Chen Yang
                • Justyna Szczdlik
                  • Laurent Bardon
                    • Yao Ling
                      • Isabel Hilton
                        • Shi Yan
                          • Jin Ling
                            • Shada Islam
                              • Yu Shuang
                                • Rem Korteweg
                                  • Fabian Zuleeg
                                    • Fraser Cameron

                                      Dr. Luis Blanco

                                      Research Associate Multinational Development Policy Dialogue