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Funding numbers for the UNHCR 2019

Map of the Month 02/2020

In February 2020, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) published the funding numbers for 2019. The US remains by far the biggest donor, followed by the EU and Germany. Per capita however, some countries are contributing even more than Germany or the US, i.a. Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Luxembourg - as well as Kuwait and Qatar. In the EU, there are remarkable differences regarding the financial engagement for the UNHCR (both in absolute as well as in per capita-terms).

Voting behavior in the UN Human Rights Council in 2019

Map of the Month 01/2020

The maps illustrate the voting behaviour of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) members on disputed matters in 2019. During all three sessions (40th, 41st and 42nd HRC), 82 resolutions were passed of which 35 came to the vote. In 31 of them, the EU had a coherent position (at least 9/10 EU members voted the same way). In all 31 cases, China voted differently than the EU. Which countries voted with the EU, which with China? While Australia, Iceland, Ukraine and Japan voted particularly often with the EU, Cuba, the Philippines, Eritrea and Egypt voted with China in most cases. Many countries, particularly from the African continent, often did not vote with either side.

Flight and migration

Map of the Month 12/2019

At the first Global Refugee Forum on 17/18 December in Geneva, pledges of several billion US-Dollars were made in order to improve the situation of refugees. But how did the situation look like in 2018? Which were the main countries of origin and the key host countries? Which countries were the most generous donors to the UNHCR? And how much did countries donate (per capita) that are comparatively well off? And which countries voted against the Global Compact on Refugees?

Alliance for Multilateralism

Map of the Month 11/2019

The „Alliance for Multilateralism“ was launched on 26 September 2019 as a flexible network for states and institutions that are committed to work on the perservation and enhancement of the rules-based order in various policy areas. The network is open for non-state actors likewise.

42nd session of the Human Rights Council

Map of the Month 10/2019

During the 42th regular session of the Human Rights Council (9-27 September in Geneva) several very controversial votes took place, i.a. resolutions on Venezuela, Yemen and Syria. The maps below illustrare the voting behaviour of the current 47 members of the Human Rights Council. 25 of the overall 37 resolutions were agreed by consensus.

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The "Map of the Month", a new series of the Multilateral Dialogue Geneva of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, uses maps to illustrate global trends and the role of Germany and Europe in the world on a monthly basis.

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