Single title

Schedule Two of the 2008 Constitution

by Tinzar Htun, Mael Raynaud

Avenues for Reform and Decentralization and Steps towards a Federal System

The authors argue that Schedule Two is where the big debates about Myanmar’s future converge.

Amending Schedule Two opens a multitude of other debates which, taken together, are necessary to build a successful Myanmar according to the definitions and dreams shared by Myanmar’s 51 million citizens, the democracy movement, ethnic nationalities and the military. The challenges exposed are huge. Decentralization, and later, federalism, will be the work of a lifetime, and lasting solutions will probably be found over several generations. The people of Myanmar have no alternative than to face and, collectively, overcome these challenges. The debates over the myriad of issues discussed in this publication are an opportunity to do just that.

The publication is available free of charge in hardcopy in a bilingual version. The English version can be downloaded. If you wish to have the hardcopy and the Burmese version, please contact the KAS Myanmar office.