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Water Management Workshop

The two days events will bring together key stakeholders in Hardap Region to share knowledge and skills on Water Management.



The Olafika Media Engagement, SME Expo and Graduation ceremony was the culmination of the SME Skills Development Programme partially funded by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung for a six-month period, with over 70 entrepreneurs.



The four days conference was an initiative to address the prevailing gender based violence (GBV) in Namibia. The conference brought together different stakeholders countrywide representing different institutions keen to share notes and views on how to reduce and tackle GBV successfully.



The two days workshop looked at the concept of democracy and leadership and was purely targeted at women of RDP party. The workshop was a success and instilled confidence in women as they prepared to share the knowledge with their communities.

Study and Information Program

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26 Researchers at Parliament of Namibia trained on how to successfully conduct research, tools and methods to use in conducting research, how to look for information, best practices from the German Bundestag on how to set up a research unit at the Parliament of Namibia.


“Milestones of three decades of Democracy in Namibia”

Celebrating „30 Years of KAS Namibia-Angola“

30 Jahre KAS Namibia


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Young Adult Leadership Workshop

Leadership Training for young representatives of Namibian civil society


Theatre Show and Community Meetings

One World - No Hunger: Strengthening Women's Land Use and Land Ownership Rights

The Theatre Play "A Land for Women" will be staged in 10 villages in Omusati, Ohangwena, Oshana and Oshikoto Region.


Workshop with traditional Authorities of Ombadja

One World - No Hunger: Strengthening Women's Land Use and Land Ownership Rights

Workshop for traditional leaders.


Launch of the Short Film "A Land for Women"

Special initiative “One World – No Hunger: Strengthening Women’s Land Ownership and Land Use Rights in Sub-Saharan Afric

The film was produced for KAS through the special initiative “One World – No Hunger: Strengthening Women’s Land Use and Land Ownership Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa” to raise awareness about equal rights to communal land in Namibia.

The Namibian Abrahamic Interfaith Dialogue

What keeps Society Together?

What shared religious values can contribute to create a harmonious and peaceful society? How can faith assist in the process of Nation-building? And how can different faith communities work together efficiently in order to achieve mutual goals that are based on common morals and values?

CSO Training of Trainer

CCSO project outreach workshops to the target regions and the hosting of the Training of Trainers (TOT).

Communication between the generations - How can we overcome the Generation Gap?

Panel discussion and book launch

How can we improve the communication between the generations in order to improve cooperation and benefit society? Just how important are communication and networking when it comes to tackle social challenges and issues?

Progress or Regression? The Namibian Constitution and Good Governance after more than a quarter-century

and book launch of "Beyond a quarter-century of Constitutional Democracy in Namibia"

How did the Namibian constitution and its implementation develop since Independence? This was the topic of discussion on the panel as well as in the new KAS publication.

Book launch of the "Toward our All-Inclusive Namibian House" publication

How can we build a nation in which no Namibian feels left out?

Over the course of more than one year, nearly 1000 Namibians from all walks of life have contributed to this "construction plan" of the all-inclusive Namibian House, which can therefore serve as a nationwide response to H.E. The President's speech from 2015.

Community workshop for women in Omusati and Ohangwena region

The special initiative “One World – No Hunger: Strengthening Women’s Land Use and Land Ownership Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa” conducted its first workshops for women in Onambutu Village (25km south of Eenhana), Ohangwena Region and in Elim (15 km south of Oshikuku), Omusati Region in 2017. The 2-days workshops that especially targeted widows and single mothers took place at the Eenhana Constituency Council Office in Onambutu from the 06.03 – 07.03 and at the Elim Constituency Council Office from 09.03.-10.03.2017.

The state of land tenure and land ownership rights for women in Sub-Saharan Africa Conference

"One World - No Hunger" International Conference

The special initiative “One World-No Hunger – Strengthening Women’s Land Use and Land Ownership Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa” which is implemented not only in Namibia, but also in Malawi and Zimbabwe hosted an international conference in Windhoek, Namibia. During the conference the project managers from the corresponding Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) offices as well as cooperation partners came together to discuss the situation concerning the status of land rights access of women in the countries and the accomplished project activities.

"Edutainment" Roadshow in Outapi, Eenhana, Ongwediva and Omuthiya

One World - No Hunger: Strengthening Women's Land Use and Land Ownership Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa

Roadshow together with an educational Theater-Group and Mushe.

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Namibia-Angola welcomes its new head of office, Thomas Keller

"I want to fully immerse myself into Namibia."

The former Federal Armed Forces Officer is an established expert on Africa and has already had a long relationship with Namibia. His work will focus on civic education, democracy and energy.

Pilot Workshop: Special Initiative for "One World - No Hunger 2"

"Strengthening the Land Ownership and Land Use Rights of Women in Sub-Saharan Africa"

The special initiative “One World – No Hunger 2” conducted its first Pilot Workshop in Omusati Region to discuss about Namibian Law, Human Rights, Civil Law and Customary Law as well as communal land disputes.