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Nigerian Parliamentarians visit Germany and the EU

KAS consults and assists selected State Houses of Assembly

Nigeria’s third “democratic era” started 11 years ago, but especially the Parliaments still require consultation and assistance to perform their legal rights and duties. Eight Nigerian Parliamentarians are now visiting Germany and the EU.


KAS co-operates very successful with selected State Houses of Assembly in Nigeria. Apart from regular retreats, this constitutes already the third trip to Germany with Nigerian Parliamentarians. In 2008, a whole State House of Assembly concluded a two-week programme in Germany at their own expenses. With the delegation this year, consisting of the two Honorable Speakers from the State Houses of Assembly in Plateau and Cross River State, three former Honorable Speakers from these States, of which two have been elected into the House of Representatives recently, and the two Clerks, we want to continue with this success.

With a programme including the European Institutions in Brussels, the Rhine-Main area and Berlin, the Members will not only be theoretically trained, but also practically. The goal is to convey diverse, if possible in principle transferable ideas of democratic institutions as well as of relevant institutions for economic development.

By meeting counterparts and other important discussion partners personally, an exchange of experiences will take place and values of liberal democracy and social market economy will be discussed. In a regime system, which is still corrupt and marked by patron-client relationships, these topics are of special interest.

Part of the programme is the Africa Conference by the KAS Academy in Berlin. One member of the delegation will be on the podium and participate in the discussion “Africa Elects: Political Stability or Democracy?” With an unstable democratic system, which regularly faces the threat of a military coup, this question is of high interest in Nigeria as well. The Head of the KAS office in Nigeria, Dr. Klaus Pähler, provides the moderation of the podium.

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Brussel, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Berlin


Dr. habil. Klaus Paehler