Peace Journalism

Training for Journalists in the Northern Part of Nigeria

Together with JDPC Ibadan, journalists in the Islamic north of Nigeria are trained in the forefront of the elections in journalistic ethics and practical techniques to report truthfully but thereby not to heat-up conflicts even more.


Ethnic and religious inspired conflicts are frequent in Nigeria. With lurid reporting in the news, these conflicts are often kindled. Ruthless players use these escalating conflicts for their own benefit.

With this training, journalists of print and electronic media of the mostly Islamic states in the north of Nigeria therefore get acquainted to ethic standards of their profession and are suggested to the consequences of their reporting: Their headlines could cost lives.

Techniques and methods will be communicated, that teach them how to identify tendentious reporting but nevertheless to report truthfully without heating-up escalating conflicts. This is with particular political meaning in forefront of the elections in April 2007.

The VA is part of a serial of trainings and forums that were still held in Ibadan, Owerri and Jos and now are continued in Kano.

The trainings are intensive courses with own training manual, which was designed and proved by our partners in this programme serial, JDPC in Ibadan. There are forums subsequent to the trainings, in which the journalists regularly meet for advanced training and discussion, also with the public.

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Dr. habil. Klaus Paehler