Shifting EU Arctic Momentum? The Future of EU Engagement in the Arctic

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Photo by Shannon McInnes on Unsplash Photo by Shannon McInnes on Unsplash
Photo by Shannon McInnes on Unsplash:

What is the EU perception of the Arctic Region? What are the main policy issues in EU Arctic policy? Is the dominant policy issue climate change, geopolitics and global trade, or is regional development and transnational cooperation of paramount importance? The Arctic region currently gains a lot of global attention and increasingly has become a mirror for global changes and challenges.


A number of EU member states draw up their own national Arctic policies with a range of different policy focuses. Not only the Nordic countries but also Germany and France have for example created or updated their own Arctic policy papers during the past few years.

In a one-on-one discussion between MEP Arba Kokalari (EPP) and Dr. Andreas Raspotnik the aim is to take a look at where the focus of EU Arctic policy lies, and what are perceived to be the most pressing issues about the Arctic region? A decisive factor for this is the contextualization and perceptions of the Arctic by EU institutions, especially in the European Parliament and what the position of the EPP toward the Arctic region is.


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13:00                 Opening and Moderation

                             Gabriele Baumann, Head of the KAS Nordic Countries Project


Speakers' Input (10 min each):

Arba Kokalari, Member of European Parliament for Moderaterna/Sweden and responsible for Arctic issues in EPP

Dr. Andreas Raspotnik, Senior Researcher, the High North Center for Business and Governance, Nord University, Bodø, Norway




13:45                End of the event

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  • Arba Kokalari (MEP)
    • EPP
    • Moderaterna Samlingspartiet
    • Sweden
  • Dr. Andreas Raspotnik
    • Senior Researcher
    • High North Center for Business and Governance
    • Nord University
    • Bodø
    • Norway

Mikko von Bremen

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