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Almost No Hope for Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians

After Hamas' seizure of power in Gaza Israelis as well as Palestinians are pessimistic. More then two thirds of them believe that the confrontations will continue. This is the outcome of a joint Israeli-Palestinian poll.

Support for Hamas Is Declining

A new poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in the West Bank and Gaza shows that a overwhelming majority is in favour of early elections, while the public satisfaction with Hamas is declining.

Hamas vor der Machtübernahme im Gaza-Streifen

In den letzten Tagen sind die Kämpfe zwischen Hamas und Fatah im Gaza-Streifen in einer bisher ungekannten Form eskaliert. De Facto bedeutet das wahrscheinliche Ergebnis der Kampfhandlungen eine vollständige Machtübernahme der Hamas im Gaza-Streifen.

Neue Regierung der Palästinensischen Autonomiebehörde

„Regierung der Nationalen Einheit“

Die neue palästinensische Regierung muß als instabil gelten. In vielen Fällen, insbesondere aber bei der Haltung zu Israel, wurden die entgegen gesetzten Positionen der beteiligten Parteien nicht durch inhaltliche Kompromisse zusammengeführt. Sie bleiben weiterhin bestehen. KAS-Mitarbeiter Thomas Birringer berichtet aus Ramallah.

Israeli Movement Restrictions and Impediments: An Assessment of the Impact on Palestinian Industry

Due to the separation between West Bank and Gaza and the impediments on movement within West Bank, the Palestinian economy has been severely constrained and the competitive edge on local markets has decreased significantly. The access to external markets is complicated as well, because alternative trade routes can only be assessed with difficulties.

Between Pile of Rubble and a New Start. The Conflict in the Middle East and the War in Lebanon.

The end of the armed confronatation gives new perspectives for the solution of the enduring conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, with both sides having to compromise - regarding the borderline, the status of Jerusalem and the future of the Palestinian refugees.

Political Implications of the Recent Escalation of Violence

The chances for a revival of the peace process and direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians have deteriorated decisively after the recent escalation of violence in Gaza and Southern Lebanon. A mutual consent according to the so called "Prisoners Document" could have been a breakthrough for the complicated internal situation in the Palestinian Territories. Now the governments’ incapability to act has reached a new dimension.

Visit of the Federal Chancellor Dr. Merkel

The visit of the Federal Chancellor in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories went along with great expectations und significant interest. After all she was the first high-ranking representative of a Western country, actually any foreign country at all, who visited the Palestinian Territories after Hamas winning the elections on January 25. The press coverage was accordingly high.

Kurzanalyse zum Ergebnis der Wahlen zum Palästinensischen Legislativrat am 25. Januar 2006

Results of the Elections of the Palestinian Legislative Council on January 25, 2006

On January 25, 2006 the Palestinians elected their representatives in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) for the second time since the signing of the Oslo Agreement.

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