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Nazaha Project Analyses Transparency in Palestinian Authority

The improvement of transparency and the strengthening of "Good Governance" – these are the objectives of the Nazaha Project, which is jointly implemented by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and its Palestinian partner AMAN (Coalition for Accountability and Integrity). Within the framework of this project, four reports have been published. They point out some critical problems within the Palestinian Authority regarding transparency and accountability and give suggestions for improvements.

Ninth Issue of the Newsletter “Nazaha/Integrity” published

The ninth and final edition of the newsletter “Nazaha/Integrity” is focusing on the concluding activities of the Nazaha Project for fighting corruption within the Palestinian NGOs. Those activities include a poll among NGO employees concerning corruption in Palestinian NGOs, as well as the final round of training seminars conducted for NGO directors and accountants working on EU-funded projects. The newsletter is published regularly in the framework of the Nazaha Project.

Joint Israeli-Palestinian Public Opinion Poll

These are the results of the most recent poll conducted jointly by the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah, between March 12 and 17, 2008.

Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No.27

With Increased Dissatisfaction with the Performance of Mahmud Abbas and with the Government of Ismail Haniyeh Seen as Having Greater Legitimacy and Better Performance than the Government of Salam Fayyad, Hamas’s and Haniyeh’s Popularity Increase and Fateh’s and Abbas’s Decrease

DIG Briefed on Political Situation in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories and KAS Activities

In the framework of a visit, a delegation of the German-Israeli Society (DIG) Frankfurt was briefed on the Palestinian political and economic situation. During a meeting, Jörg Ranau, head of the German Representative Office in Ramallah, illustrated the development of the peace process. Other topics discussed were the political situation and the commitment of Germany and the European Union in accompanying the democratic state-building process in the Palestinian Territories.

Religion and State under the Rule of Law in the Middle East

Highlight similarities – respect differences. In this tenor, HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal opened the international conference of "Religion and State under the Rule of Law in the Middle East" on February 27, 2008 in Amman. In addition, opening speeches were given by Jordan’s Minister for Political Development, Kamal Nasser, and Frank Spengler, KAS’ Deputy Head of the Department of International Cooperation.

Publication of an Informational Booklet for the Nazaha-Certificate for Good Governance

The booklet informs Palestinian NGOs and international donor organisations about the awarding process of the NGO-Certificate, which was developed by the Nazaha-Project. The successful establishment of an all embracing control mechanism for Palestinian NGOs is an effective measure to fight corruption within the NGO-sector. Based on the already released Code of Conduct for Palestinian NGOs, the NGO-Certificate was compiled with the cooperation of the network “NGOs against Corruption”, which was launched by the Nazaha-project. To this date the NGO-Certificate constitutes a unique incentive for Palestinian NGOs to enhance transparency.

Eighths Issue of the Newsletter “Nazaha/Integrity” Published

The eighths edition of the newsletter “Nazaha/Integrity” is focusing on the awarding ceremony of the first “Nazaha”-Certificates for Good Governance, which took place under the auspices of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. Other issues concerning integrity, transparency and accountability within the NGO-sector in Palestine are being raised as well. The newsletter is published regularly in the framework of the Nazaha project.

Unterstützung für Fatah und Hamas kaum verändert. Hoffnungen der Palästinenser auf eine baldige Staatsgründung gestiegen

Ein Mangel an Vertrauen in den Friedensprozess nach Annapolis und Stabilität der Hamas trotz sich verschlechternder Bedingungen im Gaza Streifen sind die Ergebnisse der aktuellen Umfrage des PSR. Die Unterstützung für Fatah und Hamas hat sich kaum verändert und die Hoffnungen der Bevölkerung auf eine baldige Staatsgründung nach Annapolis sind nur leicht gestiegen.

Nazaha-Zertifikate für Good-Governance erstmalig verliehen

Ministerpräsident Salam Fayyad versichert der KAS und ihrem Partner seine Unterstützung im Kampf gegen Korruption

Im Dezember 2007 wurde in einer feierlichen Zeremonie den ersten palästinensischen NGOs das „Nazaha“-Zertifikat („Nazaha“ heißt Integrität) für Good Go-vernance verliehen. Schirmherr der Veranstaltung war der palästinensische Ministerpräsident Dr. Salam Fayyad.