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Legal and Regulatory Framework of the government's management of the legislative process

The focus of this study is the legislative procedure during the government of President Yassir Arafat and President Mahmoud Abbas. In five chapters the following issues are dealt with: a comparative study with regional and international legislative models of Germany, France and Egypt, the role of the government in the legislative process as well as perspectives of the future Palestinian Legislative.Author: Fayez Bkeirat et al.The publication contains 263 pages and can be purchased at the office of KAS Ramallah.

Visit of the German-Arab Parliamentarian Group to the Palestinian Autonomous Territories

The parliamentarian group “Arabic-speaking states of the Middle East” of the German Bundestag visited, under the direction of their chairman Dr. Joachim Hörster, the Palestinian Autonomous Territories on May 3rd and 4th, 2007. During a conversation with representatives of the German political foundations in Ramallah and East-Jerusalem, the parliamentarians discussed the domestic political situation in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories and the future of the peace process, as well as the work of the German foundations on the ground.

Visit of the Prime Minister of the Freestate of Saxony, Prof. Dr. Georg Milbradt, to the Palestinian Autononomous Territ

In the course of his journey to the Holy Land, Prof. Dr. Georg Milbradt, Prime Minister of the Freestate of Saxony, visited the Palestinian Autonomous Territories and Arabic East-Jerusalem, on Mai 2nd, 2007.During a meeting with the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, Milbradt emphasized his “big respect” for the Arab peace initiative. President Abbas confirmed the importance of this initiative, which enables Israel to live in an “ocean of peace”.

Sawt Al-Nissa, No. 264

The international labors day is the subject of this edition of Sawt Al-Nissa, especially the rights of working woman. In this context, the magazine also addresses the problem of discrimination in public service and the legal shelter of child labor. After examining the working situation in Palestine, Sawt Al-Nissa criticizes that the current working situation in the country favors men over women.

Fourth Issue of the Newsletter “Nazaha/Integrity” Published

The fourth edition of the newsletter “Nazaha/Integrity” has been published, which is discussing the legal framework for the Palestinian NGOs in the field of transparency and accountability, the results of an opinion poll held among the employees of NGOs, as well as other issues concerning integrity, transparency and accountability within the NGO-sector in Palestine. The newsletter is published regularly in the framework of the Nazaha project.

Sawt Al-Nissa, No. 263

Within the frame of the Day of the Palestinian Prisoner, Sawt Al-Nissa has its focus on the legal rights of prisoners, particularly their legal status once released from prison. In addition, the magazine addresses the issue of woman released from prison and the lack of support they experience after their being released.

Opinion Poll among NGO-Employees about Corruption in their Field

85% of NGO-employees consider corruption as a serious problem in the Palestinian NGO-sector, while more then half of them (58%) rate the work of NGOs as too ineffective. This is the result of an opinion poll, among employees of Palestinian NGOs, conducted within the framework of the Nazaha-project by the Alpha Institute for Research and Information. The poll mainly focused on the areas transparency and accountability.

Panel Discussions between German foundation representatives and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Huber and MP Hermann Groehe

On the occasion of the Protestant Consistory in Germany (EKD) visit to Israel, chaired by bishop Dr. Wolfgang Huber, a reception and subsequent panel discussion took place in the parish hall of the Church of the Redeemer in the Old City of Jerusalem, on 10 April 2007. The discussion with the title: “Civil Society and the Middle East Conflict” was moderated by the Jerusalem correspondent of the German daily FAZ, Dr. Jörg Bremer.

Sawt Al-Nissa, No. 262

The magazine this time reports about the tragedy in the Um al-Nasser village in Gaza that was flooded with waste water probably resulting from the bad drainage system of the Israeli settlements. The magazine is also asking for better legal protection for women.

German Chancellor Merkel visited Ramallah and Jerusalem

In the course of her official Middle East journey, Angela Merkel visited Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous Territories on April, 1. After the Hebrew University in Jerusalem conferred her an honorary doctorate, Angela Merkel met with Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority in the afternoon in Ramallah. In her acceptance speech at Hebrew University and in the press conference held after her talks with Mahmoud Abbas, Merkel outlined her position towards the peace process in the Middle East.