Symposium on The Reality of Public Rights and Freedoms in Palestine: Between Regulation, Restriction and Oversight


The symposium presents the Final Progress Report of the research porject with the title named above which was conducted by the Legislative Support Department at the Institute of Law - Birzeit University during the year 2013.


Symposium Programme

09:00 ‒ 09:15Registration

09:15 ‒ 09:40Opening Session

Jamil Salem: Director of the Institute of Law (IoL)

Mahmoud Alawneh: Director of the IoL Legislative Support Unit

09:45 ‒ 10:45

First Session: Regulation of Public Rights and Freedoms between Domestic Norms and International Standards

This session sheds light on the legal regulation of public rights and freedoms in the Palestinian legal system as well as in light of the regional and international standards. Presentations address regulation and background of these rights and freedoms in Palestine and explore experiences of some Arab countries, providing a comparison of patterns the regulation of public rights and freedoms in pre- and post-Arab Spring countries. In addition to introducing international standards, papers overview relevant experiences and practices of some foreign countries.

Moderator: Yasser Ammouri Rapporteur: Ala’ Hammad


The Regulation of Public Rights and Freedoms: Between Domestic Norms and International StandardsHosni ad Daqqah

Constitutional Making, Human Rights and Identity Construction in Occupied PalestineEmilio Dabed

The Freedom of Expression in Palestine: Between Regulation and RestrictionAdnan al Hajjar


10:45 ‒ 10:55Break

10:55 ‒ 11:55

Second Session: The Freedom of Expression in Palestine: Between Regulation and Restriction.

This session presents a real picture of the status of freedom of expression in Palestine. Presentations investigate mechanisms provided by Palestinian legislation to regulate the freedom of expression, explore current practices, and identify whether the Palestinian legislation regulates or restricts the freedom of expression. Additionally, talks present specialised issues, including social media networks and how effective the Palestinian legal system is in protecting the freedom of expression, particularly journalists’ right to freedom of expression. Presentations also investigate the current situation of access to information, shedding light on the media role in accessing information held by security agencies.

Moderator: Reem Al-Botmeh Rapporteur: Abeer Dirbas


The Freedom of Expression on Social Media Networks between Restricting Provisions and Space of Freedom: Is there a Legal Solution?Mahmoud Alawneh

Media Freedom in Palestine: Between Inadequate Provisions and Freedom ViolationAla’ Hammad

The Media Role in Accessing to Information Possessed by Security ServicesSama Saqf al Heit


11:55 ‒ 12:05Break

12:05 ‒ 01:20

Third Session: The Role of Formal and Informal Oversight in Protecting Public Rights and Freedoms

This session focuses on the institutional framework, which provides protection to public rights and freedoms. Presentations examine the role of bodies responsible for safeguarding and promoting these rights and freedoms in Palestine, assessing how effective and efficient their role is in the oversight of public rights and freedoms.

Moderator: Issam Abdeen Rapporteur: Sama Saqf al Heit


The Role of the Independent Commission of Human Rights (ICHR) in the Protection of Rights and FreedomsMa’an Id’eis

The Civil Society Role in Protecting Public Rights and FreedomsMohammed Abu Hashem

The Role of the Palestinian Judicial Authority and Problem of Control of the Freedom of ExpressionRazan al Barghouthi

The Impact of an Absent Oversight Role of the Palestinian Legislative Council on Public Rights and Freedoms

Hisham Awwad



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Katja Sagalla

Program Manager