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Conference: Organic Farming

Organic Farm Schools in Palestine - Opportunities and Challenges

Within the framework of our project "Women Organic Farm School" with the Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Strategies, the conference focused on the possibilities for organic farming in the Palestinian Territories.


The Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Strategies (PCCDS) has implemented, through the past 5 years, several projects in rural development areas. The projects mainly focused on livestock and agriculture through small income-generating projects for rural women groups in the Hebron Governorate and other areas in the Westbank. The project of the "Women Organic Farm School" in the North Hebron Governorate is seen as the continuation of this work of the PCCDS. The aim is to enhance the Palestinian economy through small income generating projects based on organic products and to overcome the current problems the women face in marketing and selling their non-organic products on local markets. The conference looked back on the work which was done during the summer in implementing the Women Farm School and the outcomes regarding the products. Furthermore the conference addressed the opportunities and challenges of organic farming in the Palestinian Territories in general.

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Dr. Hans Maria Heyn

Speech by Fee Brinkmann KAS Ramallah