The situation of the Bedouins

Vernissage with the Israeli Photographer Ligad Givon

Students of theology from the Hagia Maria Zion abbey in East Jerusalem supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation Ramallah staged an exhibition with the young Israeli photographer Ligad Givon.


The exhibition, entitled “Mother desert. A journey into the life of the Bedouins", opened with a vernissage on the 8th of March, the international women’s day. The artist’s focus lies on everyday life of the women in Bedouin society, who, although they are the weakest members of society, make up its backbone. The artist, who shared for many years the Bedouins’ harsh life in the desert, gives with her impressive photographs a rare insight into the lives of the Bedouin women. In her speech, the artist not only pointed to the politically difficult situation of the Bedouins in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, to the loss of pastures and the often enforced settled way of life. She also gave an account of her impressions with the strict culture of the Bedouins, which does not give the same chances for personal development to men and women.

In his greeting Thomas Birringer, the resident representative of the Konrad- Adenauer-Foundation in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories, stressed that it was the coming together of art and socio-political questions that made the evening so delightful.

Invited as a guest speaker was Prof. Bailey, an anthropologist who intensely studied the Bedouins’ culture and shared some of his results with the audience.

The evening was accompanied by music performed by two Bedouins, who created a suitable atmosphere. At the ensuing reception, the guests of the vernissage, among them Bedouins, Palestinians and Israelis, exchanged their views on art, culture and politics.

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Lebenssituation der Bedouinen