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Discussion about Palestinian Fund for compensation of road accidents

Legal Encounter

On 12.May 2016 the Institute of Law in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation was hosting a discussion at Birzeit University titled: ”The Palestinian Road Accident Casualties Compensation Fund: Legal Framework and Social Role.”

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Our guest Ms. Niveen Abu Eid, Director of the Legal Department at the Palestinian Road Accident Casualties Compensation Fund (PRACCF) gave an input about the legal framework and the social responsibility regarding the high number of car accidents in the West Bank.

The fully loaded room with lawyers, judges, employers of the ministry of transportation and insurance companies, students and professors showed high interest on this topic, due to the major consequences that might occur due to overlapping of laws in such an un-fortunate incident.

Mr. Waddah al Khatib, PRACCF Director General, pointed out two main illegal behavior that are linked to the road accident legal status; first 75% of the cars on the streets are not insured, second 44% of the cars in Area A are even unregistered. He also highlighted the social role the Fund plays, particularly when insurance companies are liquidated. The PRACCF also compensates persons who sustain bodily injuries in cases where insurance coverage is not available.

In the ensuing discussion, the audience raised several questions. Participants inquired whether an accident caused by an illegal vehicle can be considered as a road accident in line with the provisions of the Insurance Law. They also raised the issue of the preferable use of informal law system when it comes to issues like accident instead of searching for law enforcement in the formal court, questioning the role of the PRACCF in such a matter which contradict with Rule of Law value in its core.

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Institute of Law, Discussion about ”The Palestinian Road Accident Casualties Compensation Fund: Legal Framework and Social Role.” KAS Ramallah


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