Event Reports

Junge Union Hamburg visiting the KAS Ramallah

On the occasion of an educational tour through Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous Territories, members of the Junge Union Hamburg visited the office of the KAS Ramallah.

After a visit to the Muqata’a, the seat of the Palestinian government in Ramallah, the group met with Felix Dane, Director of the KAS Ramallah. He welcomed the visiting group and presented the work of the KAS. Furthermore, Mr. Dane analyzed the political situation in the Palestinian Territories but also talked about the living conditions of the Palestinians through personal stories. Thus the visiting group on the one hand gained an objective-analytical and on the other hand a subjective-personal insight into the context and challenges of the peace process.

An ongoing fruitful discussion

Subsequently, the group engaged in an in-depth discussion about the political and social situation with a member of the “Palestine Network”, an international non-governmental organization.

Finally, Mr. Dane concluded the meeting with an update about the “proximity talks” between Israelis and Palestinians. The strong interest of the participants was indicated once more by a lively round of questions. The new insights left the group in a palpable positive, though reflective, mood.